Blesso has highly charged technical whiz kids, with an eye for future technology, working towards shaping Technology of the Future.

The objective of this group is to deliver software services, solutions and products, using emerging technologies, through innovation and creativity, with the highest standards of quality and integrity.

The ambit of the Human Resource management team at Blesso goes beyond the number game into the subtler areas of employee attitude, behavior and commitment.

The tasks constantly before the HR team include
  • Encouraging employees to be creative, generating fresh ideas and innovative practices that enhance the company's ability to compete with competitors and accept new responsibilities and participate in activities aimed at making systems more efficient, and processes more streamlined, effective and valuable.
  • Developing and maintaining an environment that promotes a cohesive, inclusive, and diverse community, affirming the inherent worth of all individuals and underscoring the importance of teamwork, trust, and open communication to create a positive living and learning environment.
The HR policies at Blesso are centered around how we treat people, how we operate, what we deliver, how we feel and how we think.

The HR policies at Blesso are centered around how we treat people, how we operate, what we deliver, how we feel and how we think.

Similarly the recruitment policy at Blesso is tailored around what we have, new skill sets required to accomplish the pre-set goals and how we fit in with the plans of the professionals.

Blesso believes in recruiting professionals with not merely the right skill set and expertise but with the right attitude to fit into its environment. Like any startup in the IT industry, softProjex is flexible without compromising quality. The same can be said of its recruitment policy.

The HRD team believes that great companies are made, not born. The secret behind it is in hiring the right people. This is, of course, easier said than done. Statistically, half of all employment situations result in mis-hire, i.e., hiring the wrong person for the job. For building a team of professionals to hold various responsible positions, to carry out the activities, the HRD team takes utmost care to ensure the inflow and management of the right skill into the organization at the right time.

The HRD team believes in re-inventing relationships and building a shared vision with its employees. It helps the organization by framing policies and procedures for the company and ensuring that these are implemented and the employees are educated on the need to heed these policies and procedures.

Planning & Fulfillment:

  • Man power planning
  • Recruitment channel identification/establishment
  • Team interface for interview scheduling
  • Interview documentation/records

Training & Development (T&D):

  • Induction
  • Training Assessment
  • Training

Compensation & Benefits (C&B):

  • Pay Scale

Strategic Growth:

  • Appraisals
  • Progressions
  • Objective Setting

Statutory & Legal:

  • Provident Fund
  • ESI
  • Labor Laws/ Grievances

Employee Relations & Empowerment:

  • General Counseling
  • Job & compensation related communication

International Resource Cell (IRC):

The core responsibility of IRC includes the following,
  • External Consultant/Headhunter Interface Recruitments
  • Identifying client skill set requirements
  • Strategizing recruitment channels/frequency
  • Identify and establish operational systems
  • Identify & establish quality systems
  • Recruiting tech./non-tech. staff for in-house as well as client requirements
  • Ad Agency interface
  • Advertisement Strategies
  • Lead generation for the Front end Business development team