Blesso is committed to assure quality deliverables to its customers. Our quality program is the prime vehicle by which we ensure that our philosophy of agility, expertise and capability is consistently delivered to provide business value to customers.

Quality System covers Design, Development, Marketing, Support and Maintenance of Application Software covering Projects, Products and Software Tools. This integrated quality system, which is implemented in SRA, ensures that quality is built into the software during the various stages of the Software Development Life Cycle.

Blesso's Offshore Development Center has well established with best practices, processes and procedures. The quality system is designed for continuous improvement and for tailoring. We realize that processes have to be customized based on the nature of tasks and the need to work seamlessly with our customers' quality systems.

We have a defined process that outlines the following:

Core Processes

  • Project Management
  • Requirements Methodology
  • Design Methodology
  • Development Methodology
  • Testing Methodology
  • Acceptance Release Maintenance

Supporting Processes

  • Configuration Management
  • Measurement
  • Review
  • Audit
  • Corrective Action
  • Defect Prevention
The quality methodology at Blesso has been both reductionist and holistic. We give close attention to the quality of components built upon various platforms and sources and at the same time, give broad attention to the emergent properties of the whole assembled system, in terms of its overall fit to business requirements.

All our methodologies and processes are in line with the quality expectations of both internal and external clients. Many leading international clients have assigned their QA activities and testing services to Blesso - thanks to the reliable and agile Quality Processes that have been built over the years.