Prototyping in Software Development

IT development services during software development life cycle are not only limited to actual coding and testing, but also involve various types of data visualization. Prototyping is one of the best solutions for effective data visualization in any software development company.

How can be prototyping helpful in software development and why do you need prototypes?

  • Prototyping can be used in software development as a visual aid to complement software requirements specification.
  • Prototyping is an opportunity for IT development company clients to present the information about the prospective software solution to stakeholders and investors and get funding for the project.
  • Prototyping helps professional developers and software engineers to prevent gross deviations from the initial project view and react to change requests at the early stages of a software development process.
  • Prototyping gives project managers as well as PHP, Java, .Net development specialists a chance to access more accurately the workload and set feasible deadlines for a software development project.

What kinds of prototypes are used in software development?

Prototypes in software development can be classified according to different criteria and accordingly there are different groups of prototyping models. Here is a brief outline of just a few of them:
  • Domain models are used to represent the concept of future software development project and link business ideas to the project view. Domain models are abstract high-level prototypes used in software development to map the key milestones, scope of work, understand particular business problems and, consequently, make communication between clients and web developers go smoothly.
  • UI mockups are prototyping models, used to represent GUI of a software solution, get user feedback on usability characteristics and make appropriate improvements in user interface during software development to come up with a user friendly end product.
  • Wireframes, despite looking a bit schematic, can be considered backbone prototyping models that aggregate the information about page layout, software solutions functionality, navigation and other content, which lays foundation for further software development.

Prototyping models can be:

  • Static – give the information about general outlook of software solution.
  • Interactive – show possible software product behavior.

What prototyping tools are there in stack?

Today software developers and web professionals have a wide range of graphical tools and other technologies that can be leveraged in software development for prototyping: Axure RP, Balsamiq Mockups, Microsoft Visio as well as Visual Studio, HTML, JavaScript, Adobe and other technologies and tools.