CRM Management

A company, whose primary objective is to serve its customers better, needed an enhanced method of tracking and reporting its mission-critical business metrics to meet the needs of its fast-paced online business. Conventional methods of exchanging customer information between sales representatives and the customer service personnel were time-consuming. Using an effective CRM package the company's customer service group can handle customer service efficiently.

The Solution

Blesso' online CRM or e-CRM provides all the features required by the company to serve the customer better. It helps them document, track and report on sales and customer service. Every stage of the sales process is tracked and every customer service issue including customer calls is documented and tracked.

Blesso' e-CRM empowered the customer service department to answer queries more quickly and efficiently. In addition to this, e-CRM helps CRM companies deploy efficient lead generation techniques, schedule appointments and keep track of contacts leading to potential sales. Blesso' e-CRM empowers CRM group managers to analyze the efficiency of their departments and personnel and take corrective steps to increase the response time to query.


" An authorized individual can easily and quickly access a customer's history, ensuring that the company presents a coordinated face to customers.
" Online CRM reinforces our client competitive advantage of superior customer service and customer satisfaction."