Open Source

Open Source software is changing IT in a fundamental way with regular increasing competition by connecting their developers directly. This has resulted in some of the most stable and widely used software in the IT history. Open Source technology enables anyone to examine and develop the source code. This process has resulted in highly reliable, secure and high-performance applications.

Today, Open Source initiatives are equally competitive compared with any other proprietary solution frameworks or development platforms and profoundly leaping ahead by way of the approval of clients.

Radix's initiatives on Open Source based development practice are advanced over years in response to growing demands from global clients. Today, the team has a matured setup and that has established proven proficiency helping clients to apprehend the power of Open Source based solutions.

Why Open Source?

Open Source based development and solution offers larger benefits:
  • No License charges
  • Higher constancy
  • Right of entry protection
  • Higher performance
Better functionality