Silverlight Development

Blesso is Microsoft Gold partner as well as Microsoft Silverlight partner. Silverlight technology is in vogue and is being utilized to create cross platform rich internet applications that can work on different browsers. At Blesso we have a pool of consultants who have a fertile experience in Silverlight applications and they can develop plush user interface, vector graphics and animations that can be integrated with the database. Our workforce is also proficient with Microsoft .Net Technologies.

Silverlight Application Development Service at Blesso:

Our Silverlight consultants have built applications with loaded user interface and high level of functionalities. Our services include: Blesso has successfully developed following kind of projects in .NET technology :
  • Complete life cycle management of the projects using the Silverlight Technology
  • Web enterprise applications with database integration
  • Integration with existing .NET applications for improved functionalities
  • Component development
  • JavaScript integration with Silverlight applications
  • Web application development splendid user interface, audio, video and animations
  • Integration with Sharepoint Server based web applications

Advantages of Silverlight Development:

  • Silverlight applications are cross platform and cross browser applications
  • Silverlight runtime for some mobile platforms
  • Rich user interface design
  • Supports WCF, LINQ and WPF framework / design patterns
  • Acceptance from search engines
  • Easy adaptability for .net development community
  • Powerful IDE like visual studio
The biggest boon of Silverlight is the ascendancy that it experiences over existing RIA technologies like flash and flex is by making the content available to search engines. In other RIA technologies, content is hidden from search engine crawlers, while Silverlight allows crawler to read the content.

Our Silverlight consulting service is designed keeping customer requirements in psyche and thus creating plush UI based efficient and scalable systems which adhere to the requirements of our customers.

Silverlight consultants at Blesso initiate the process by requirement analysis, scope and feasibility study. After requirements and scope are overtly discovered, archetypes are created and based on the client inputs and consent, deployment is done. Our consultants know the significance of Quality and hence they ascribe to stringent quality checks during development. Some of the projects that have been expounded by our team in India have been listed on the portfolio page. To further delve our Silverlight services, please send us an email and we will revert to you within 2 working days.