Blesso has extensive capability in developing SMS services in GSM on the Microsoft Platform. This application includes both, Message Origin and Message Termination. Blesso follows ETSI Standards for the application that distinguishes the types of SMS messages, handling layers and its sub layers while messaging to the network, etc. The BSC or the Base Station Controller in GSM terminology is an integral part of any mobile GSM communications system. BSC manages the radio resources for one or more Base Transceiver Stations (BTS). It handles radio-channel setup, frequency hopping, cell configuration, and call handovers. The BSC also manages the physical connection between the Mobile Station (MS), and the Mobile Switching Center (MSC).

Base station controller WEB SERVICES

Capability to handle GSM MMI application development

Blesso has a pool of talented engineers with rich experience and specialized skill-sets in GSM/MMI application development. XL Telecom, our promoting company, manufactures CDMA and GSM handsets and has recruited a group of 70 technical engineers who have the necessary domain experience to explain the requirements of a GSM/MMI application. This is leveraged to help our C++ and Java engineers develop high quality, user-friendly MMI interfaces.

Some of the MMI applications we develop for GSM span the following functionalities:
  • XML-based rendering engine
  • Synchronization engine
  • Tab controls
  • List views
  • Tree widgets
  • Animated Icons, buttons, scrollbars etc.
  • On screen and frame buffer based rendering
  • Clip region management and ternary ROP code processing
  • Image processing including color map transformation and fast algorithms to compute

inverse color maps.

  • Window Z order management
  • Tab and focus management
  • Modal and non-modal dialog management
  • Raster operations including ternary ROP codes
  • Single threaded/multi-threaded rendering engine
  • l18N and localization
Our specialized practice group has also mastered UI application and middleware creation on various chipsets and windowing systems including:
  • APOXI/Infineon
  • Optimay/Agere
  • Stinger/Microsoft
  • Symbian/TI
  • Riviera/TI
  • Brew/Qualcomm
  • WGE/TTPCom
The applications developed by our dedicated teams include:
  • Mini-customized XML based browser with native hooks.
  • Addressbook management
  • SIP/RTP based wireless call services.
Our engineers also have mastery over the technical complexity of various devices such as those produced by:
  • Samsung
  • Tresor
  • Nokia
  • Kyocera
  • Siemens
Our engineers' experience among various chipsets includes those manufactured by:
  • TI
  • Infineon
  • Agere
  • Intel